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Jul 15, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. she's in university of texas i'm a small clinic, the information stays with me. there's a lot of duplication in medicine. and they got out of the hospital, a record release no one knows the labs. i wanted the patient to somehow in cyberspace have their own folder that they own with their medical information and access it from computers in the office and pull up the cat scans in the hospital. it's not the hospital system, you understand, they get to choose what they wanted and who has access to it because we have so much records that are sometimes inaccurate and you can check on electronic records now, and normal exams, if you can put normal male instead of normal female, you don't catch it it's in their records and a lot of duplication of records and misinformation of records and that's at the core of where i am. i'm exactly like him. let the patient pay him $50 or $60, pay that much to get the oil changed in the car and $10 co-pay, i don't think i have it. they don't realize we get paid so little from the insurance companies, their co-pay is basically cash flow for our business
FOX News
Jul 15, 2012 8:00pm PDT
community and 50 years of sentencing because of voters fraud. in texas, south carolina and my home state of arkansas, yes, people were convicted there and one of the relationships i am a christian and believe in the regulation resurrection. every election day i saw people rise up out of the grave and vote. there is it voters fraud. and that is why it is it absurd that the attempt to get dead people off of the voters rolls and see if people have a right to vote is not trying to keep them from voting but protecting the right of those who have a right to vote. if someone is vote and cancelling your vote and you are legitimate and you -- they are dead. it suppresses your vote. keep the dead in the grave and don't let them out on election day. i make no apology for that and i hope you don't either. go to huck mail at fox actor charles groden has a new role and he is a voice for prisoners who was harshly convicted for crimes they didn't commit. happy birthday! thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number.
FOX News
Jul 28, 2012 5:00pm PDT
shooting. jessica galle remembered in a service in texas funeral services for matt oquin. james holmes is said to be charged on monday for killing 12 people and wounding others a week ago. >> governor mitt romney is in isram. he had a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and a sit down meeting with the palestinian minister. mr. romney stopped earlier in the uk for the olympics and will go on to poland. i am harris faulkner and now back to huckabee. >> i have long said that candidates that run for public office open themselves up for public scrutiny. and their families ought ought to be left out of it as much as i disagree with the policy. in our audience is two wives. you may remember this adfor florida democrat allen grayson before he lost. >> religious fanatics try to take away our freedom and right here in central florida. >> wives submit yourself to your husband. >> he want to impose his on us. >> submit to me. >> and force the women to bear the child. >> submit to me. >> hands off our body our laws. >> wow. all right. that adtook republican dan websters totally out
FOX News
Jul 22, 2012 8:00pm EDT
threat and abdomen. the oldest victim, gordon cowden, described as a true texas gentlemen was seeing the movie with his two teenage children. comic book geek and he was celebrating his birthday and alexander boik was described as a ball of joy by friend and a mother of two, described as a bubbly personality, rebecca wingo worked in public relations and jessica ghawi had plans to become a sports reporter and just missed a shooting in canada last month. a navy sailor the at buckley air force base, the youngest of five sibling. alongside larimer, 29-year-old jesse childress, a cyber systems operator and mikayla medek or kala to friends and family, a huge green bay packers fan. >> when i see other shootings and events and i think, oh, my gosh, i can't imagine what those families are going to and now i can imagine. >> reporter: of course, as the president mentioned all of us here at fox as well and folks across the nation, hearts and prayers, thoughts are going out to those families and you at home would like to donut to the victim's families, you can go to giving, in order to m
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)